The 1st Humour Award (Coupe Icare 03) in now on DVD !!

Flying Babouches has won numerous awards at many film festivals (Coupe Icare, Imagin'Air, Santander, Auron...).
This riotous fiction, shot in Morocco,, follows the fictitious adventures of three zany acrobatic paragliding pilots.Dive into the heart of the story with the making-of, the interviews and the Lapinou's secrets...
In addition, check out the new winter sport : Speedriding !
Also included are the Redbull Vertigo 2004, the world famous paragliding and hanggliding competition.

Over 100 mn of great flyinf, right-side up... and upside down !!

    The Flying Babouche's DVD :

       - The film in 3 languages   >>>> Watch the Trailer
       - Making Of and Interviews
       - From Freeflying to Acro Flying
       - Photo Gallery (6 galleries) >>> Watch the Morocco Photo Gallery
       - Attak a Popow Land    >>>>> Download the Trailer [.mov]
       - Redbull Vertigo 2004
       - The One Hand Session >>>> Download the Trailer [.mov]

       - Many teasers....

flying babouches
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FLYING BABOUCHES - Directed by Guillaume Broust - Antoine Boisselier - Bruno Bourdat
Written by Adrien Bernacchi - With the Voice of Emilien Allan - Music by SHAADY
A SEVEN DOC Production - All rights reserved 2003